Monday, September 11, 2006

TiVo Series1 connect problem

With a failed modem it is near impossible to reconnect your "old" TIVO1. I needed to reconnect to set the clock, which drifts considerably. I tried all the postings, including using my computer as a modem through a telnet-like conenction. The V3 software simply did not know what to do, although I could connect that way (requiring nulmodem cable). I wanted to try an external modem, but was unabale to locate the right Hayes-compatible type (amazing how fast things change). In the end, I simply tried and tried with the built-in modem, until, miraculously, the modem did connect and the TiVo came out of the inititalization loop. It reset the clock and now I won't touch it for a long time. Better to adjust the manlual taping (the reason I keep it) a few minutes later, as you will not see the guide anyhow.
If you have another TiVo (like series2) then change the account number on the TiVo site, which will give updates as well (one it connects).

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