Saturday, October 30, 2010

Windows Live Mesh

Moved to Live Mesh, because Live Sync will stop in a couple of months. The migration is not as easy as one would expect/hope. Most files were synced, but quite a few kept "waiting to sync". Turns out that many are old files of different editions among various connected computers. Never was an issue with Live Sync. For example, many of the albumart jpgs in music folder gave problems. Deleting the problem files is the solution, although a few needed to be re-downloaded.
Another issue is the initial MOE demand on the CPU. When the program first starts it fully consumes CPU, but this drops to a few % after the computer has synced (can take hours over wireless connection with large folders). It now behaves the same as live sync and foldershare before that, so no concerns.
I use the cloud storage for one folder, allowing access from other computers. Good for talks and class materials when the laptop fails.

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