Friday, August 15, 2014

vanderTrick: Annotating a PDF - Using print or post with multiple PPT slides per page.

I spend a lot of time finding a way to change the margins of a PDF file, so that there is more room for pen markup or online annotation on a handout or posted file, respectively.  In short, that functionality is not available in Acrobat Pro in any simple manner.  Only complicated, image-based work arounds or some coding demand.  But, I found another and very simple way to reach my goal of multiple slides per page that works around the default setting in PowerPoint of note lines for 3 slides/page or no vertical option for 4 slides/page.  The resolution of the slides remains good as well.

Export to PDF from PowerPoint using standard, 1 slide per page setting (using PDFmaker or included WORD converter).
Open newly created PDF in Arcrobat Pro and, using the print option window, select multiple pages.  For example, 1x4.  Then print to printer or to file, and the results is a clean looking PDF without the annoying note lines that is embedded in PowerPoint for handouts or other preset layouts.

A better solution yet is using print in the free FoxIt Reader, which allows the option to remove autocentering of the images and adds spacing to the slides.  This creates full lay-out control for annotation needs.

The result is shown below, offering lots of room for adding text and mark-ups using Acrobat Reader’s Comment Tool that is now included in the standard, free version, or for handwritten notes.  

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